Every Feature Is Enabled and Optimized for Mobile


17Bi advertising is always precisely location-based, across all screens, from PC to all mobile devices.

Seamless Experience

End users, advertisers and Apps/Games are threaded all together via 17Bi to provide a seamless experience to all parties.

Richness of Video

17Bi powers video advertising which delivers the richness and high-quality that both end users and advertisers demand today.


17Bi advertising is competely voluntary, meaning the users having complete control on whether and when to watch ads and a kiss of goodbye to annoying banners.


If you are going to take some time from a user, you'd better give him something in return! It's not a nice-to-have. It's becoming a must!

Global Reach

17Bi is available all over the world powering today's always-moving global users, world-eyeing APPs and brands.

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Precisely-targeting Ad campaigns with full tracking and no threshold!

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